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Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Helianthus annuus

The beautiful Sunflower, a simple and classic design. And the most yellow that yellow can be.

This is a close up of the inner circle. I've tried to adjust the color and shading to show the detail.

I've posted the Sunflower before, including this picture, but I dare say it's worth posting again.

There is some geometry going on here - maybe the golden ratio or the fabonacci numbers, for those of you who like the mathematica:)

The bud. You may have heard that this flower got its name because it follows the sun throughout the day. Well, it's not true...exactly. Only immature flowers will do this, but once they are mature, they generally are fixed toward the east.

This is a wonderful parade of wild sunflowers just outside of Bonanza, Oregon.

The domestic variety which you may grow in your garden often have a single large flower on a single stem.

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