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Sulphurflower Buckwheat

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Eriogonum umbellatum

A lovely little wildflower, native to North America. These pictures were taken around Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.

This little perennial is a big deal in its community. Certain moths and birds rely on it for seeds and nectar, plus it is a popular larvae host for several butterfly species. Back in the day, various Native American groups used it for a variety of medicinal treatments and/or teas.

The name refers to the color, thank you, and it is indeed in the Buckwheat family. Buckwheat, by the way, is not a wheat and not even a grain, I think. (Pro tip: Buckwheat flour is fantastico in pancakes, substitute about 1/3 of regular flour.)

The Sulphurflower and its neighbors dot the dry ground. Notice the beautiful deadwood in the background.

These cuties were hanging around the area, a nutcracker and some chipmunks.

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