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Cactus Flowers

Various species of little cacti flowering in the Botanical Gardens of The University of Valencia, Spain.

Mammillaria hahniana, common name: 'old lady cactus', supposedly from the cover of dense white hairs.

Is this not the cutest little cactus ever?

Mammillaria compressa, common name: 'mother of hundreds'.

Mammillaria spinosissima, common name: 'spiny pincushion cactus'

Astrophytum species, perhaps the 'sand dollar cactus', but I cannot be for sure because the flowers have not fully bloomed, nor did I get a picture of the full plant. (!)

Astrophytum ornatum, common name: 'Monk's hood cactus'. Again, I didn't get a picture of the whole cactus plant, because sometimes I just don't know what I'm doing.

Actually, what I'm doing is getting too focused on the flower and completely forgetting about the context.

All of these cacti were growing in this lovely little greenhouse that was quite narrow and half sunken. This is not my photograph, but from .

Pro Tip:

'Cactus Flower' , the movie, 1969. Great movie if you enjoy late 60's early 70's comedy. Good storyline, clever dialogue, funny scenes. Walter Mathau, typical character, is a dentist who lies to his girlfriend, Goldie Hawn, that he is married to avoid commitment. Turns out his secretary, Ingrid Bergman, has been in love with him for years. Well, as we all know, one lie leads to another...very entertaining.

P.S. It's not as goofy as this video cover suggests.

P.P.S This is the only role of Goldie Hawn for which she won an Oscar.

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